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Introduction to Unique Venues for GIT & MICE
Value Management Group

Introduction to Unique Venues for GIT & MICE
Value Management Group

VALUE MANAGEMENT Group has always been focused on operating varieties of small luxury hotels, fine dining restaurants as well as unique venues for both GIT and MICE,by preserving and utilizing highly valued historical buildings with the goal of “Promoting and Sustaining Japanese Culture” since its founding.

VALUE MANAGEMENT Group prides itself on the ability to propose creative ideas catered towards the clients’ needs and provide high quality one-stop service along with Japanese cultural experiences.

5 Reasons to Choose Us

Great Location and Easy Access

All the unique venues are located along Japan's Golden Route and easily accessible. They are also situated in prime locations, walking distance to famous tourist spots such as Ginza in Tokyo and Higashiyama in Kyoto. We even operate venues located within the Heian Jingu Shrine and the Osaka Castle Park.

Historically Significant Architectural Gems

Our venues are authentic, valuable, and unique, as they are made up of structures such as cultural properties and historically valuable buildings, each with a history of its own.

Exquisite Japanese-French Fusion Cuisine

Visitors can enjoy either authentic Japan/French cuisine or Japanese-French fusion cuisine, that is prepared using seasonal local produce along with luxury ingredients. All dishes have been made under the supervision of our Zagat Survey award-winning chef.

High-quality One-stop Service

The experienced and multilingual service team works with GIT&MICE organizers from initial planning to detail coordination prior to arrival, following through with professional execution. We consistently get fantastic feedback from organizers about how much they love and appreciate our service.

Abundant Choices for Activities

In addition to the exceptional cuisine, we also offer a wide range of possibilities for exploring Japan through activities such as a Maiko/Geisha experience and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Our Unique Venues


THE GRAND GINZA is housed on the top floor of Ginza's newest landmark "GINZA SIX", offering easy access to key locations and various cultural attractions. Covering an area of 1,500㎡, it provides not only a wide range of facilities, but also exquisite experiences of gastronomy, Japanese traditional culture and latest trends.

HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall

HEIAN JINGU SHRINE Restaurant & Banquet Hall is located within the shrine grounds of the "Heian Jingu Shrine", one of the most famous and prestigious shrines in Japan that was built in 1895 for the 1,100th anniversary of the relocation of the capital city to Heiankyo. The interior boasts traditional Japanese architectural features while you can enjoy an amazing panorama view of the scenic "Shin'en Garden" that spreads outside the window.


FUNATSURU KYOTO KAMOGAWA RESORT is a five-story historical wooden building which has been designated as a National Tangible Cultural Property. It was originally operated as a distinguished Ryotei Ryokan along the banks of the Kamo River for over 140 years. You can take in the different seasons of Kyoto from the view that spreads outside the window while enjoying French cuisine that features ingredients produced in Kyoto.


AKAGANE RESORT KYOTO HIGASHIYAMA 1925 is located in the heart of the Higashiyama district, one of Kyoto's most famous tourist destinations. Covering an area of 2,500㎡ and surrounded by rich greenery, it offers the utmost privacy away from the tourist crowds. As it was the former residence of a family that owned a well-established copper processing company, copper has been used extravagantly throughout the building such as for the roof and rain gutters.

OSAKA GEIHINKAN Former Guest House

OSAKA GEIHINKAN Former Guest House was built as a State Guest House to welcome foreign dignitaries from countries all over the world during "APEC 1995". This Japanese-style building is modeled on the Shiro-shoin of Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Located in the heart of Osaka, it offers not only direct access to major transportation network, but also a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle as it is surrounded by rich greenery and boasts an amazing view of the Osaka Castle.

KOBE GEIHINKAN Former Guest House

KOBE GEIHINKAN Former Guest House is designated as an Important Cultural Property and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2019. The luxurious venue preserves a feel from the Taisho period. It consists of a Vienna Secession style mansion that was used in the past to welcome distinguished guests from all over the world along with a Japanese-style garden and Japanese teahouse.


KOBE KITANO IJINKAN Former Kulpe House is the former residence of Mr. Kulpe that stands in the middle of Kitano, a neighborhood with a foreign feel where you can enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the city of Kobe. It later became a members-only club called "St. George Japan" that was loved by many high-status people. The furniture in the venue along with the glamorous interior continues to preserve the vibrant feel of Kobe's fashionable world during this time.


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