VMG brand launch event held at “THE GRAND GINZA”.

On Thursday, July 11, we held a launch event and a commemorative party for the new brand “VMG HOTELS & UNIQUE VENUES” at the VMG Group’s restaurant and lounge “THE GRAND GINZA”.

The event began with an explanation of the background of the new brand and its business outline by Tarikino CEO, followed by an explanation of the “VMG” brand and future business development by General Manager Fukuyama . As for future business development, “Castle stay” an experience of being a castellan of Ozu Castle in Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture, unveiling the Ozu clan’s armor and dress.

At the party, food and drinks from 3 locations; Takehara, Dazaifu, Ozu, where new hotels are scheduled to open, were served. In addition, “VR experience booth” connecting with “Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden Osaka Geihinkan”, the venue for dinner at the G20 Osaka Summit.