“NIPPONIA HOTEL Takehara Saltworks Town” opens in August 2019.

“NIPPONIA HOTEL Takehara Saltworks Town” opens in August 2019, in Takehara, a town where beautiful old townscape still remains and that used to prosper as a salt works town.

3 historical buildings are renovated into 10 guest rooms, which are mainly in the area designated as an “Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings”.

Since the time when the town prospered as a salt town, there have been many sake breweries, and now there are still 3 sake breweries in this area, “Taketsuru Brewery”, “Fujii Shuzo Sake Brewery” and “Nakao Shuzo Sake Brewery”.

As SAKE HOTEL, where you can enjoy the sake, salt, and ingredients of the Seto Inland Sea, we offer experiences that you can only experience here.

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